As a software developer, what are the applications, programs and websites I use often?

As a software developer, what are the applications, programs and websites I use often?

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Hi everyone,

This post I will share with you, I frequently used programs, applications and web sites. There are many programmes, applications and websites to help you and make your job easier. What I share will be things that a developer use often.

Let’s start the topic without extending too much.

Web Pages

Firtsly I want to share web pages with you.


UsePanda is a smart news reader for productivity. If you read most known technology web sites like HackerNews, Product Hunt etc you want to use it. Because there are lots of useful web site and blogs to read. You can read them easily in one page. It’s designed to easy use. UsePanda is a nice option if you want to be informed about reading and current news. I spend 40 - 60 minutes every day in UsePanda.

get from usepanda.comget from

It’s supported lots of web sites.

  • Dribbble

  • Designer News

  • Hacker News

  • Product Hunt

  • Behance

  • Medium

  • The Verge

  • TechCrunch

  • Mashable

  • The Next Web

  • Github

  • etc…

for more information visit UsePanda web page.


This website is the number one website for programmers. It is the largerst online community for developers to learn and share their programming knowledge. You can easily find your questions’s answers in it. If you have trouble with programming and the others, type your error to google and you will see certain in stackoverflow issue. If I have problems, I do search on Stackoverflow and in some cases I follow questions topics like C, C++, Java.

by stackoverflow.comby

GitHub — Gitlab

These web pages are the ones I use and like most. Because I like writing code and sharing and also love OpenSource. These places is suitable for it. You can easily find codes of most popular applications, libraries and languages. If you want to learn coding these must be your first place to pass time. I use Github for opensource projects and most of time private projects I use Gitlab. Both of them are very good options to use.

from github.comfrom

from gitlab.comfrom

As a Java Developer, You need to check latest news and samples, tips so I always check user guides on I use Spring Boot in our backend development. It’s designed to get you up and running as quickly as possible. This web page is the main source for me.


I use Angular for front-end development. This page is official Angular web page. I spend time in this web page to learn in detail about angular. It’s very helpful to learn angular.



Pomodoro technique is a time management method. This method has developed in the late of 1980s by Francesco Cirillo. I frequently use pomodoro technique when working on. It is increasing productivity. This simple and useful web application help me to use pomodoro.


To development some stuff, you need to use some tools. These are tools that I need.

STS — Spring Tool Suite

To development backend applications I use Java Spring Boot framework. STS is a official IDE for Spring. It’s the next generation of Spring tools for your coding environment. STS is a open source project. It’s free. And you can also use this on VSCode, Atom. If you want to develop Spring-based enterprise applications you prefer Eclipse, VSCode or Atom. More information visit official website.

from spring.iofrom

Visual Studio Code

VSCode is a code editor for building and debugging modern web applications. Angular developments I use VSCode editor. It’s cross platform and designed very well to develop web applications. I’m very comfortable when using it. It’s supported lots of development environment like C, C++, Java etc. Good option for development.

from microsoftfrom microsoft


In the work time you may need some databases such as MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL etc. I always use remote databases in work time not local because these databases are heavy on the computer. So that I use a client application to access databases. I use DBeaver. DBeaver is a SQL Client application and is a free, opensource, graphical database management tool for database developer and administrators. It’s very useful and fast application. It’s a cross platform also working on Linux, Windows and Mac. It has develop by Java language.

from dbeaver.iofrom

Some supported databases;

  • MySQL

  • PostgreSQL

  • MariaDB

  • SQLite

  • Oracle

  • DB2

  • SQL Server

  • Sybase

  • MS Access

  • Teradata

  • Firebird

  • Derby

  • etc.

Detailed information you can also visit its GitHub repository and website.


This application is my favorite. Git is a version-control system for tracking changes in computer files and coordinating work on those files among multiple people. Every developer need to work with Git. Git has developed by Linux Torvalds, creator of Linux. Git is a very useful system to control projects and easy to learn. There are lots of project is managing with git. There are many web sites using git such as Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket etc.

from git-scm.comfrom


Working on front end and need some graphical illustrations and some stuffs. Inkscape is very good options to use it. I’ve been using it for a long time. Inkscape is professional quality vector graphics software which runs on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows desktop computers. You can create icons, different graphics for your needed. Detailed information visit official website.

from inkscape.orgfrom


Yes, it’s time to music. When I working on I usually listen music so Spotify is a good option to listen music. This application has wide range music playlists and songs.This application has a very wide and comprehensive music store. Easily find what you want to listen, it does not matter what kind of music.

from Spotifyfrom Spotify

I hope you enjoy reading.

Have a nice coding…