Load Hex file to LPC with JFlash-Lite

Load Hex file to LPC with JFlash-Lite

Hi everyone,

This chapter will demonstrate you how to load hex file to LPC mcu’s. I will use JFlash-Lite product of Jlink program.

If you are working on Windows OS, open home and search JFlash Lite then click it.

After clicked JFlash Lite icon then opened small JFlash Lite GUI. It is easy to use UI. Select Device and Interface which your connection established for it and Speed.

Select device in Device section and click OK.

There are connection interface types that you can select SWD/JTAG/FINE/2 WIRE JTAG/.

After select all device, interface and speed then click OK button and will see main GUI to load hex code. Detailed image as below.

To load .hex .axf etc format files we need to select file and go to path in Data File section.

After selected hex file all steps almost finished. If you have finished these steps you can erase chip memory with Erase Chip or load hex to device memory with Program Device button.

I hope you enjoy reading.

Have a nice coding.