Why You Should Choice BBQLinux for Android Development?

Why You Should Choice BBQLinux for Android Development?

Hi everyone,

I have developed applications like Desktop, Embedded, Android for 3 years and have heavily developing Android development on AntriKod Software for amount 2 years. When I developed Android application, I have used various Operation System like Windows, Ubuntu, Mint and the last one is BBQLinux.

I would like to say something Operation Systems that I used. Firstly, I have used Windows Operation System like everyone. But this issue has not satisfied because it is normally slower when I use Android Studio and not a good performance for Android Development for me. I always think that alternative ways that I used programs, application, OS to try out.

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So first alternative to use Operation System is Ubuntu from Linux side. During the first time developing Android in Ubuntu is greater than Windows. Because working on Linux side is exciting to me. I always think that a developer must have information on Linux. Development tools, Open Source are essential issue. Then Ubuntu is getting slower when I used it long term. For example, I have working on 4 hours on an application and after 2 hours my PC getting warm and getting slower. So that this manner is not good impact for me.

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I have some googling then I’m not happy working with Ubuntu. Because Development time passing is not good that I expected. After googling I have decided to use Arch based Linux distro. I just want to a distro includes tools for Android Developments. For example in OS have Android Studio, Android SDK, Inkscape, Gimp etc I need when I develop an application. First important thing for me is to work faster. I found a distro that based on Arch Linux is BBQLinux. BBQLinux An arch based Linux distribution.bbqlinux.org

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BBQLinux is made for Android Developers.

BBQLinux is user-friendly Linux distrobution for Android Developers. The biggest pros of using BBQLinux is you don’t need to reinstall the latest release of BBQLinux. Because this is using Rolling Release Development Model which means it is getting continually updated and upgraded.

lt’s also fully compatible Arch Linux packages because of based on Arch Linux. This is an Open Source Project so you can download and contribute on Github. The BBQLinux Project GitHub is where people build software. More than 27 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over…github.com

This Operation System is awesome. Because this distro designed for Android Developers. You don’t need to install other things for Development.

Just update and go ahead Development. I will share my experiences. First thing is I love in The BBQLinux is stability. It has good work on this issue. I can work on long hours and work good performance. I can work on more than one Android Studio Project and working well. This is big happiness for me. Other distros can not work well this issues that I experienced.

I hope you use this distro and say to me your experience.

I hope you enjoy reading.

Have a nice coding…